American Society of Clinical Oncology Meeting

Our research fellow Dr Alyson Murray has recently returned from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Meeting in Chicago. Alyson was delighted to have her research poster selected for presentation at this prestigious meeting.

ASCO brings together over 35,000 oncology specialists from over 100 countries and provides a platform to communicate the latest research and treatment advances in oncology.

A summary of Alyson’s poster research presentation:

“I presented a poster summary of research that is currently being undertaken in our lab in St. Vincent’s Hospital under the leadership of Professor Joe Duffy. This research involves targeting the most mutated gene in triple negative breast cancer with a novel drug that is currently being tested in a clinical trial for ovarian cancer.

As part of our research, we combined this drug with chemotherapy drugs that are already in use in the clinic, and in doing so we showed that it had an enhanced cancer killing effect in triple negative breast cancer cell lines. This research is in its early stages but we will now continue to study the potential of this drug in targeting triple negative breast cancer.

The poster session is a very busy session at ASCO involving in depth discussion with fellow attendees over a three and a half hour display which allows for many questions to be addressed and networking to take place. The research was very well received and has led to a number of potential new collaborations with other labs in the future.

I am very grateful, that owing to the support of the Caroline Foundation, I was in a position to present our research to a worldwide audience and to make crucial connections with global colleagues working in the area of breast cancer research that will help to enhance our research.”