“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing”

Barry Finlay – Kilimanjaro and Beyond

So believe a group of adventurous travellers of all ages who, in early July 2019, will climb Pointe Burnaby (4, 153m) in Switzerland following in the footsteps of Elizabeth Hawkins Whitshed of Greystones, County Wicklow who first scaled this summit on 6th May 1884. The Alpine Peaks challenge is the brainchild of experienced Alpine climber Bill Roberts who with Adam Kelly of Pura Vida Greystones, decided to lead this initiative to raise funds for The Caroline Foundation for Cancer Research. All participants pay their own personal expenses. We would love your support by donating to this challenge raising funds for Cancer Research by donating HERE.



The genesis of the idea came from Bill Roberts, a long-time client of Adam Kelly and an experienced guided client in the Alps. He noticed the name Pointe Burnaby on maps and investigated climbing it some time ago, as an acclimatising climb prior to taking on a higher mountain, but it never quite happened. Sometime later he saw it again referenced in a book by Frank Nugent and he made the connection with the Burnaby estate in Greystones. Bill discussed this with Adam and the idea of bringing a team from Pura Vida to climb Pointe Burnaby was born. The climb would be undertaken in a spirit of honouring the achievements of Elizabeth Hawkins-Whitshed while raising funds for The Caroline Foundation – a charity in memory of another woman of spirit and determination – Caroline Dwyer Hickey who grew up in The Burnaby.  You will find more information on the challenge and its schedule by clicking on the link below.