Helen O'Sullivan Dwyer-The Caroline Foundation

Helen O’Sullivan Dwyer speaking at a fundraisers’ information event hosted by CCRT in Newman House, St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 [21.02.2014]. Professor John Crown gave a presentation, discussing some of the exciting cancer research currently underway. He also shared some background on the CCRT team before introducing some of the researchers including Dr Norma O Donovan [PDF]. They spoke about the projects they are presently running and provided their audience with an informative insight into their incredible research work and its progress.

information-ccrtProfessor John Crown – CCRT Overview Presentation Slides Here

Caroline was a public advocate for cancer research, firmly believing that research will one day find a cure – she was a pioneer of cancer research in that she was the first in Ireland to participate on some trials through the CCRT. The Caroline Foundation is built on, and is testimony to that advocacy, that hope and faith in the work of The CCRT.

Dr Helen O'Sullivan Dwyer & Prof John Crown

Dr Helen O’Sullivan Dwyer & Professor John Crown

Dr Helen O'Sullivan Dwyer, Professor John Crown & Valerie Kelly

Dr Helen O’Sullivan Dwyer, Professor John Crown & Valerie Kelly