GRID Finance introduces the GRID Peer to Peer Financing Platform which The Caroline Foundation are delighted to be part of.

You can donate to a community project with as little as €5. Donating is free and you can donate to as many community projects as you wish.


Local community organisations create a ‘project’ on the GRID that showcases the specific need and amount required. Community organisations can raise up to €1m in project finance. Each project and community organisation’s legal status is confirmed by the GRID team to ensure authenticity. Once the project is fully financed the funds are transferred by GRID Finance directly to the community organisation.


GRID Finance is transforming banking and financial services in Ireland by building innovative financial products for the connected generation. GRID Finance’s vision is to lead change in banking, both in Ireland and globally by building practical financial products that support and respond to people’s modern lifestyles. We want these financial products to help real people, local businesses and community organisations to:

  •  Access the money they need
  •  Get a return on the money they have
  • Better manage and budget their money

We believe that by creating an online community that finances itself through modern online financial products, the traditional idea of a community bank can be redefined and transformed to meet people’s changing financing needs. GRID Finance’s first product is a peer to peer financing platform called the GRID. The GRID connects those who have money with those who need it. The GRID allows real people to decide how to put their money to work by lending to local businesses, donating to community organisations and gifting to family and friends.

5 key things to know about donating!

Donors are members who want to support local organisations such as charities, schools or clubs who need to get a project finance.

  • 1) It’s free to donate to as many projects as you wish!
  • 2) Donations are for community focused organisations, not businesses .
  • 3) You can ask questions of the fundraiser at any time.
  • 4) All projects are vetted and reviewed by GRID Finance’s experienced project review team.
  • 5) Donating is different to lending; donations are not repayable!