Could you Walk 100Km / 131,234 steps anytime from 05 March to 05 April 2021?

The March Through March For Cancer Research Challenge with The Caroline Foundation starts on 05 March 2021 and finishes on 05 April 2021!

Traditionally, The Caroline Foundation fundraising has been all about events – people being together and having fun! That is no longer possible in pandemic times. Yet the work of cancer research still needs support. Will you help us raise funds?  Join us as we March Through March for Cancer Research?  Set up your own challenge and invite your friends to support.  No doubt you are walking almost daily anyway so, why not turn your walk into helping others. It would mean so much.

How do I sign up?

To make sure you’re ready, complete these 2 simple steps:
1. Create your own March Through March Challenge Facebook Fundraising Page:
2. Join our MARCH THROUGH MARCH 2021 Facebook group to log your progress and support everyone taking part: 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the March Through March for Cancer Research Challenge work?
The challenge is to walk 100km anytime from 05 March to 05 April 2021. You can do this wherever and whenever suits you.
This is a personal challenge.  You do this in your own time and link in with the group.  You will find the group at 

2. How do I track the distance I’ve done?
Use the tracker sheet which you can download HERE (PDF). Use any of the apps such as STRAVA.

3. What is a Facebook Fundraiser page?
It’s a page you can create in under a minute within Facebook and raise money for The Caroline Foundation. Your friends will see that you have created it and will see every time you post a picture or update to the fundraiser. You set your own target and end date. The money goes directly to The Caroline Foundation for Cancer Research.

4. How do I change the target and/or the end date on my Facebook Fundraiser?
Go to your Facebook Fundraiser.  Click on the ‘More’ Option, select ‘edit fundraiser’, change the amount and/or the end date and save the changes. If you don’t extend the date the default setting by Facebook is 7 days so your fundraiser will end after this time.
You can also set yourself a higher challenge than 100Km depending on your own fitness levels or progress made over the month.

5. Can I raise money off Facebook?
If you prefer to raise money off Facebook you can set up an online fundraising page over at ( Contact to ask any questions you may have.

6. How can I encourage donations on my online fundraiser?
If you could edit your fundraising pages name to include’ March Through March for Cancer Research’  or some variation of this that would be great, just makes it easier for ourselves to identify you’re taking part in this challenge.

  • Make sure to extend the end date on your Facebook fundraiser to at least 04 April 2021 as the default end date is 7 days after you created it.
  • From 05 March make sure to post your progress on your fundraising page. This can be as frequently as you like, whatever works for you.
  • Posting your distance means sponsors can see how you’re progressing with the challenge and it means that we can see you have completed.
  • Ask others in the Facebook group how they are raising funds.

7.  Do I have to post the number of kilometres I have done?
Yes. Post them to your Facebook Fundraiser page. And then for extra motivation, post it to the March Through March Facebook group so everybody else can be inspired by your progress. In order for ourselves to issue you with your Challenge Completion Certificate we need to be able to see that you’ve completed the challenge.

8. When do I start?
The idea is that we all do this together during March 2021 – starting on 05 March.

Thank you for joining with us in this endeavour.  All of us in The Caroline Foundation for Cancer Research, and particularly those who benefit from the research you support, appreciate your generosity.

Good Luck & Enjoy!