A beautiful tribute to Caroline by Greystones Guide and also marking Caroline’s 40th birthday on World Cancer Day 4th February.

A small snippet of the featured article:

“It was back on March 25th, 2013 that cancer cruelly took Caroline from her family, at the age of just 35. What she couldn’t have known then is the amount of magic that has since been created in her name.

What would Caroline make of over 3,000 people holding a ribbon that stretched across The Cliff Walk and right on down to the South Beach on May 11th, 2014? Or the 1,410 nautically-themed and extremely silly hats at Greystones harbour on September 11th, 2016? And who can forget 5,208 teddy bears all having a picnic along Greystones’ seafront on Sunday, May 17th 2015…?”